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Special gasket

3DL Italia is capable of providing rubber components - plastic with fire-retardant properties, anti - smoking, dielectric and watertight in the automotive sector use, railway, subways, power plants, ships and all applications where you need products with security features. Furthermore, the time from 3DL Italy using photoluminescent materials able to highlight obstacles in the absence of light. Currently these products are used in underwater applications, anti-accident, motorcycle helmets, boating and DIY.


These details can be drawn, printed and socket punch. In our series of special gaskets we remember the cardboard blanks; design details obtained with precision hollow punches or water cutting. In this context the materials vary from the rubber, the plastic material type PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene, etc. The 3DL Italy also provides magnetic drawn for various applications: refrigerator door gaskets, shower gaskets and gaskets for various other uses.